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Born in Welkom, the Free State, Mack is known for his charismatic charm and currently resides in Pretoria.  “From a young age, I knew that I had a passion to entertain people,” said Mack as he recalled the flame that sparked his career.
He has since developed into a man of many talents, he now spends most of his time behind the mic, on your screens, making the beats as a disc jockey while having a seat in the boardroom.

He’s an entrepreneur in many shapes and forms. Mack says through all his experiences, professionally and personally, he learnt that hard work can build an empire.

‘#HalloDaar!’, a brand that has its roots in the Free State, was trademarked by Mack while hustling for a beter tomorrow in the streets of South Africa. It stems from the greeting ‘hi there’, as he believes that it’s a great show of respect and acknowledgement to others.

Mack has since grown #HalloDaar! into standalone products including merchandise, campaigns ect. If you looking for your next host, you’ve  found him.

“I cannot wait to meet you.”

Mack Rapapali is a well-known radio host at Jacaranda FM. He currently entertains listeners on Mornings with Mack between 04:00 – 06:00 AM Mondays to Fridays.

A host, actor, DJ, musician, presenter, motivational speaker, brand ambassador and content creation – the Free State born entertainer has many talents. He’s able to entertain any crowd, anywhere.

Mack is the owner of Event Webcast Virtual Studios. The co-founder of the Mackenzy Gin, the man behind The Mack on Tap Premium Craft Beer and Cider and launched his own #HalloDaar! vellies. 

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Auto Investments

Mack Rapapali and Auto Investments join forces to fuel change. An initiative to bring hope to the future leaders of our country

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“All of my experiences, professionally and personally, play an integral part of who I am today – what I believe in, how I conduct myself and learning how to communicate and relate to people from all walks of life,” says Mack.

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